“Dairy farming has been in my blood for over 91 years, and for four generations my family has been leading the way in dairy farming and practices.”

“From a young age my grandmother, Audrey Hale inspired me with her dedication and respect for the land which she had inherited from her parents Eva and Percy Royals.”

“Today, I am proud to continue the family legacy and passion for dairy farming through Wattle Health Australia. While we continue to evolve our farming techniques and use world best practice, one thing never changes and that is the respect for our dairy cows which ensures that the product we give our customers is one my family would be proud of,” Martin Glenister, Co-Founder Wattle Health Australia.

Our mission at Wattle Health Australia is to provide high quality, 100% Australian made health and wellness products you can trust throughout all stages of life. We pride ourselves on sourcing the highest quality, locally grown ingredients and creating formulations with leading scientific and nutritional benefits that comply with strict international standards.

With one of our Founders long heritage in dairy farming, Wattle Health Australia has taken that knowledge and passion and created a range of products that uses only leading technology and best practices. Ensuring we support the local economy and jobs is a part of our ethos and we are proud that every touchpoint of our brand and product range is 100% Australian made.

We pride ourselves on protecting and caring for our customers and suppliers as well as the earth’s natural resources.

From our family to yours, we welcome you to Wattle Health Australia.

Important notice: Please note that the land and cows depicted in the following are NOT the property of Wattle Health Australia Ltd (WHA).
WHA itself does NOT own any land or cows and sources all of its requirements for dairy products from reputable Australian manufacturers.
The references in the video to experience or qualifications in farming etc. are personal to Martin Glenister and do NOT necessarily reflect the views, experience or qualifications of WHA (as a corporate entity). No reliance should be placed on any commentary in the following video and the video is only intended to outline the personal heritage of the co-founder of WHA (Martin Glenister).
It is important for us to protect and care for our customers, suppliers as well as the earth’s natural resources. Trusted formulations complying with international standards.